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When you take a travel nurse job to our nation's capital,  it will be difficult for see all the sights in only one assignment! Let’s just say that there is no way anyone could run out of things do when they visit this city. Everyone knows about seeing Washington and Jefferson Monuments as well as Lincoln Memorial; but if someone has time left over after those must-see sites then head down 15th Street toward Korean War Veterans Memorial or continue walking past WWII monument until reaching the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. Dining out in D.C.?  The city is filled with great restaurants, but if you want to get off the beaten tourist paths and relax with a tremendous dinner experience, then Rockland’s Barbeque & Grilling restaurant should be at the top of your list! Be sure to have an appetite when taking on travel nursing jobs around Washington DC - this spot has been frequented by both tourists and locals and politicians who agree that their food tastes amazing.


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