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The state of Connecticut is a must see for any traveler! From the historic towns to rolling hills, there are endless things you can experience in this beautiful part of America. One such place worth checking out while here? Nook Farm - home to two historical American figures who made their marks on our nation’s history: Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe (among others). The house where they lived has since become preserved as a museum showcasing what life was like back then through hands-on exhibits about these giants among us that live next door today.


Bridgeport is more than just a little brother to Boston and New York City. The town’s signature harbor provides access not only into the ocean, but also one of its most important industries: fishing! With an incredible zoo located in this scenic place-you'll be able explore everything that Bridgeporters have to offer while on your next travel nurse job assignment with us.