NCLEX RN Exam Preparation for Travel Nurses

Like any other nurse, a travel nurse is required to obtain a license before they can begin working in a healthcare organization and deal with patients. To obtain a nursing license and become a Registered Nurse (RN), one needs to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). 

If you want to learn more about the test or how to ace your travel nursing exam preparation, keep reading this article. 

What Is The Nclex-Rn Exam? 

The NCLEX is unlike the exams in nursing school since it is designed to test your practical skills, not textbook knowledge. That is, it is based on testing your judgment and critical thinking in real-life scenarios. 

You will be given hypothetical scenarios and be asked to choose a course of action from a set of options. You have to assess the situation based on your understanding and then decide what should be done next. In some cases, you will be assessed on your ability to triage care, while in others you will have to suggest the best possible nursing intervention. 

In order to pass the exam, you have to meet the passing standards set by the NCSBN Board of Directors. The standards are based on the amount of skill required to “practice competently at the entry-level,” and are revised every three years. You can get more detailed information from the Test Plan prepared by the NCSBN, which is available here

How To Register For The Nclex-Rn Exam?

Once you have familiarized yourself with what the test comprises, it is time to register. This involves two steps:

  1. You have to register with the Nursing Regulatory Body (NRB) where you wish to be licensed. You need to submit an application for licensure/registration with this NRB to be eligible to take the test. 
  2. After this, you have to register with Pearson VUE and pay the exam fee.
  3. Once you have received a Receipt of Registration and an Authorization to Test (ATT), you can schedule your exam. 

How To Prepare?

Once you have completed these formalities, you can begin your travel nursing exam preparation. 

  • Remember, this test is not meant to test your bookish knowledge but rather how you apply it. 


So, there is no way you can learn the answers beforehand since each hypothetical situation is different and requires different responses. You can do a thorough revision of everything you learned while getting your nursing degree. Brushing up on your medical knowledge before the exam will make sure you don’t forget any crucial points in the stress of the exam. 


  • Step two is taking a few practice tests. Since the exam is meant to judge your on-the-spot reactions, it will help you a lot to have had some practice. This way, you will be familiar with the exam and won’t get nervous.


Importantly, you must remember to work out a strategy for approaching questions. Some people do the hardest ones first, while others prefer to finish the easy questions as soon as possible. Use the practice tests to try out different strategies and decide what will work best for you. 


  • Lastly, you need to take this NCLEX tutorial to familiarise yourself with the testing software to complete your travel nursing exam preparation. 

Our final tip for you is: stay calm. 

While exams can be very stressful, you have to be able to think clearly and quickly to pass the NCLEX-RN test.  

Take deep breaths when you start getting stressed and push any bad thoughts out of your mind. Keep reminding yourself that you have completed the travel nursing exam preparation with dedication and are doing your best. 

Do not panic. Even if you don’t pass it in the first go, you can give another attempt in just three short months. You will also be given feedback from your first exam, so you can use those insights to prepare for your second attempt if one is required.