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Travel Nursing Jobs

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Travel Nursing Jobs

What is Travel Nursing?

A nursing career on your terms One of the biggest advantages of travel nursing is that the nurses pick and choose where and when they wish to work. Policies about mandatory overtime, weekends, and holidays do not apply to travel nurses, so they are free to work as little or as much as they want! And all nurses—recent graduates and seasoned veterans—can become part of the nursing jet set.

Travel nursing can take many forms. Some nurses prefer to take a series of short-term temporary nursing assignments in various parts of the country; some take assignments close to home; others prefer long-term assignments in one favorite destination. Some nurses choose to jet set solo while others bring their pets, spouses, and children.

Is travel nursing for you?

As a travel nurse, you will:

  • Travel the country and earn top pay
  • Receive free private housing
  • Enjoy comprehensive medical, dental, and 401(k) benefits
  • Broaden your experience and knowledge through top medical facilities
  • Dramatically expand your personal and professional network

Now that you know all about travel nursing, find out why nurses travel.

Why Nurses Travel:

Your Career Is Your Adventure
As a travel nurse, you’ll see the country like never before and practice nursing in your choice of different locations and clinical settings. Travel nurses combine professional development, career enhancement, and personal goals into one dynamic, rich experience. Ski the Rockies, see New England’s fall colors, and escape to Florida for the winter while you continue to broaden your skills as a nurse, add value to people’s lives, and earn a spectacular income.

Imagine traveling anywhere you want throughout the U.S. while working in comfortable, professional surroundings and getting paid top rates. Experience the warm blue waters of Florida, Chicago’s world-famous shopping, or California’s world-renowned Napa Valley— will connect you to it all! Sound like a vacation? It’s more like an adventure. Each assignment allows you to see the country, meet new people, and experience new adventures while gaining valuable career training. You’ll enjoy outstanding pay, benefits customized to your needs, and, most importantly, the freedom to select when and where you travel! The flexibility of travel nursing lets you be in control.

Flexibility and Financial Security

A terrific income, a full benefits package, and enviable extras like paid travel, free housing, and a variety of incentive programs are all yours as a travel nurse. You’ll also enjoy the luxury of a completely flexible schedule. Work as much or as little as you prefer, and take time off whenever you choose.

Your career options are virtually endless as a travel nurse. Make traveling your full-time career or travel occasionally to earn additional income. You can even use traveling as a strategy to locate your perfect permanent nursing job.